Kits and accessories for SolarVenti® installations in basements

Basic Ventilation kit (air in/out)

- for direct connection to Solarventi® basement models (K) and SV30 standard

Ventilation kit for extracting moist air from the basement. Works in parallel with the supply air fan of the SolarVenti® basement model.

extraction direct

List of components:

  • 1 Humidity stop
  • 1 Non-return valve aluminum
  • 1 Square grid 190 x 190 mm
  • 1 Flex aluminum pipe Ø125 x 400 mm, 3.4 W Fan & cable (available in 5.1W)
  • 1 Air inlet valve with frame Ø125 mm
  • 1 End frame
  • 1 Bag of stainless screws
  • 1 Installation manual
Extraction kit from floor (2m duct)
ekstra kaelder kit 1m

Ground level air extraction.

The set expand the extraction basic kit to extraction PRO.

kaelder udsugnings illustraion frit
extraction pipe

List of components:

  • 1 Duct connection angle
  • 2 Basement ducts 1000mm (150x70mm)
  • 1 Duct assembler
  • 2 Duct clips
Basement expansion kit
kaelder panel saet plads til roer

Basement expansion kit includes spacer brackets that positions the SolarVenti® basement model slightly off the wall, so that a flat duct system can be fitted on the back of the panel. The flat duct system is included in the set.

The kit is particularly suitable for mounting SolarVenti® higher on the wall.

basement pipe

List of components:

  • 4 Spacers brackets (aluminum)
  • 1 Flat duct 1000mm (150 x 70 mm)
  • 2 Connection angles
  • 1 Sabetofix glue
  • 1 Flat duct clip
Basement extension kit (1m duct)
forlaenger 1m

Flat duct kit, length 1m, to extend the extraction kit.

Can also be used for the basement expansion kit.

List of components:
  • 1 Flat duct 1000mm (150 x 70 mm)
  • 1 Duct assembler
  • 1 Flat duct clip