Thermostat Start Control of SolarVenti® by thermostat

The SolarVenti® is so good that it is able to start on bright days even that there might not be any sun.

If heating contribution is important rather than just ventilation, blowing in cold or at least not warm air from outside can be avoided with tis thermostat setting it at the desired start temperature.

Power Supply kit for SolarVenti® regulator to run the system on timer

For subsequent installation on SolarVenti Regulators.

The power supply kit makes it possible to connect older air collector panels to the power grid.

The timer can be adjusted as required, in order to provide a regular airing, even when the sun is not shining

The kit can be installed to a regulator type 1 as well as a plain on/off switch.

Non-return valve

Non-return valve to prevent air the wrong way through the air inlet nozzle.

Aluminum Ø 125mm

Silencer SolarVenti
SolarVenti silencer

Silencer for introducing into the flexible aluminum tube.

The silencer can be cut if it is long or it can be bent.

Eliminates up to 5 db

Humidity stop
fugtstop stainless

Patent app. ”Humidity stop”, which also function as a counter valve.

Besides beeing less expencive than a traditional counter valve you get more advantages:

  • Prevents flow of air from the house back into the collector
  • Decreases wind draft from outside (from the collector when it is not in operation)
  • Humidity Stop makes no noise
  • Prevents condensation dripping from the valve if there are pipes on a cold loft
  • Prevents intake of dust during a building process
  • Made in durable stainless steel and resistant to temperature

The Humidity stop is now standard in all SolarVenti® systems.

Air inlet valve

Air inlet valve for Solarventi® warm air collectors

With mounting frame Ø 125mm

Insulating ring

For insulating between Solarventi® and the wall.

Avoid the entry of winds, water, mosquitoes and more.

SolarVenti® fans

Fan 5.1 W

Round Ø 125mm

Installed in all SV30 models.


Fan 3.4 W

Round Ø 125mm

Installed in all SV7, SV14, and SV20 models.

These special models are manufactured for the extreme conditions of a solar air collector. Especially the temperatures they reach in summer when the collector is stopped.

The SV round fans fit perfectly in the aluminum tubes Ø 125 mm for extraction kits.

Flex pipe fan
fan in alu flex

Flex pipe fan, 5.1 W or 3.4 W

Flex pipe fan ready with cable Ø 125mm.

For extraction or general ventilation.

Flexible aliminum pipe

Flexible aluminum pipe, 0,50 m when stretched Ø 125mm

Standard compressed aluminum pipe for wall mounting.


Flexible aluminum pipe, 1,75 m when stretched Ø 125mm

Standard compressed aluminum pipe for roof mounting.


Flexible aluminum pipe, 5 m when stretched Ø 125mm

Compressed aluminum tube for roof mounting, false ceilings and hollows in general.

1 meter compresed / 5 meters stretched.

Square grids

Square grid 190 x 190 mm in aluminum

rejilla pvc

Square grid PVC 190 x 190 mm with mosquito net

Wall mounting bracket kit

Wall mounting bracket kit

2 buttom and 2 top.

With screws but without studs