Solar heating dehumidifies and ventilates the basement
Warm and dry air to the basement
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Homeowners who purchase a SolarVenti® solar air collector to his basement, does it usually because the indoor climate of the basement is experienced more or less humid and tucked away.

The air is typically too static and both humidity and moisture content in walls and other building structure is too high.

When the SolarVenti® solar air collector is mounted, the basement's indoor air quality will significantly be improved within a few months and the homeowner will begin to experience the basement air as much fresher and less humid to breathe.

For all year round and every time the sun shines the least bit, the solar air collector will blow free, warm and dry air into the basement. And press tucked away, moist air out through the basement vents.

After a full season with a solar air collector in the right size, both indoor air and the moisture level in the basement's solid materials - walls, other building structure furniture Etc. - have fallen significantly.

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Ventilation Flow
Basement "over ground level" Casa permanente

When the sun shines just a bit on the panel of the solar air collector for instance on a sunny side basement wall, the air very quickly becomes very hot inside the panel.

At the same time the panels solar powered fan begins to blow the hot and dry ventilation air into the basement.

The air - which is blown into the house - pushes the humid and old air out through leaks or opening outlet from the vent hood.

It is the location of the opening ventilation outlets that determine how the ventilation air moves through the basement. Be aware that you close the ventilation hood which sits close to the SolarVenti's injection air vent. When the solar air collector must make an effect on more basement rooms with doors between, the doors must remain open - or there will be fitted standard general fresh air vents between the rooms.

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Some examples of installed SolarVenti® basement models
bornholm kaelder

SV7 for a small basement in Bornholm, Denmark

The basement consists of a laundry room, bathroom and a small room of about 35 m2 in total.

The humidity was 72% when it was installed. It has now fallen to 64% - and is only 9 weeks ...

The installation was carried out by Bornholmer Sol


40 SV14 solar warm air collectors for basement

SolVarme en Herlev, Dinamarca, acaba de instalar 40 colectores de aire caliente SolarVenti® SV14 para sótanos y espacios angostos en “Boligforening Jellerød Parken en Kokkedal Dinamarca”.

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