SolarVenti Professional
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  1. Active Solar Heating
  2. Improved Health and Efficiency
  3. Low Installation Costs
  4. No Costs for Dehumidification
  5. Guaranteed Payback
  6. Installation Near Ventilation Units
Positioning of SolarVenti® Professional Units
  1. SolarVenti® Professional is designed for roofs (or ground) with little or no slope.
  2. SolarVenti® Professional is optimally installed facing as close to due south as possible.
  3. A deviation of up to 45 degrees from due south is possible, by simply increasing the area of solar collectors.
  4. At the design stage, you will need to take into account the roof hoods, roof windows and other technical equipment on the roof.
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Base module
  • Dimension in mm (L x W x D)
    1004 x 1970 x 300
  • Weight per module in kg
  • Felt/Absorber
    1,25 m2 absorber/felt per m2 collector, 2 mm black polyester
  • Cover
    10 mm Polycarbonate (UV-resistant)
  • Pressure drop
    25 Pa / 50 m3/m2 collector
    75 Pa / 100 m3/m2 collector
    175 Pa / 150 m3/m2 collector
  • Efficiency
    70% at an air flow of 125m3/m2 collector
  • Max. energy output
    Approx. 742 W/m3 collector
  • Average energy output
    500 kWh/m2 (depends on type of control system)
  • Felt
    2 - 3 mm Black Polyester
  • Other recommendations
    Max. length per row of collectors: 20 meters
    For large air volumes, more rows of collectors are recommended

The professional model has been tested by the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany and approved for international Solar Keymark.
SolarVenti® participated in the German (LUKO project) developing the new EN norms.


Normally, it is not necessary to clean the surface of the collector. It can be washed down with water and mild soap if necessary (do not use solvents).


The filter is self-cleaning and requires a minimum of maintenance.

Expected lifetime

Minimum 15 years.