solarventi for pool heating

Solar Pool Heating


Enquiries for pool heating systems require direct contact with SolarVenti®

Pool owners like to use their pool as long as possible. But for many, the economy puts a limit because it is very expensive to heat the pool at a reasonable temperature for bathing with traditional energy.

A pool of 32 m2 can easily cost more than 2,000 € for heating in a single season. The price for heating make it a problem for many homeowners who want to maintain a temperature suitable for use when desired.

The SolarVenti® solution is a low cost, simple and reliable system. It is a solar heating system specifically designed for pools. There will be no additional cost and with a fixed price for a typical pool will be between 2,000 and 3,000 € (Installation not included).

This means that the system can be amortized over 1 to 2 years and typically lasts a minimum of 15 years without any problem. If you are thinking of investing in an alternative heating option such as immersion heater or heat exchanger can save this expense. . In this situation, comparing them you would recover the solar system the first year.


The heat plants are kits that with few working hours become power plants surfaces of 10-30 m2. The collector consists of multiple rows of black corrugated plastic tubes placed close together and interconnected. Technically, this is a polypropylene polymer fiber resistant and stabilized against UV degradation of the sun, high quality and designed to last a long time, usually over 15 years.
The tubes can be placed on a flat roof or shingle waves, so that two tubes are placed on each wave. The connection to the filter equipment is also part of the total package that also includes an electronic control.

You must find a sunny location at least 2/3 of the surface of the pool to get the desired effect.

If the pipes are placed with farther distance, like on Eternit plates, you must install at least the same m2 as the pool area. The larger the area, the higher the temperature reached in the pool and the longer and narrower the pipes are placed, the more economical without wasting energy.


In practice the system operates so that the pool water flows directly into the solar system using the existing filter pump and bathing water heats up about 4-5º C depending on the solar radiation.

Generally, the system heats even more on sunny days where you especially want to bathe. These days you can easily experience a temperature between 26 and 29º C

Its performance is approx. 250 kWh / m2 collector per season when the tubes are horizontal.

In case of repairs, these are settled quickly and easily. As a rule, it only takes a knife, soap, water to reconnect.