Simple switch on/off


6 x 6 x 3,4 cm

Standard switch for SolarVenti® collectores SV3, SV4, SV14 & SV20


It can be installed instead of a simple switch so your SolarVenti® begins when the indoor temperature drops to a predetermined temperature, so you do not forget to turn on the system when traveling.

This thermostat can start or stop at a desired temperature.

Electronic Regulador SV

SV regulator 1 is specially designed for 12V solar cell operation and improves the operational effect of the powerproducing solar cell inside the solar panel with approx. 15-20%.

With Switch, Thermostat and airflow control.

A small computer in the Reg1 maintain the optimal internal operating voltage of the solar cell in relation to the energy of the actual solar radiation.

Shortly told the SolarVenti solar air collector is running for hours blowing several cubic meters of warm, dry air into the house through the SV regulator Unitets optimized control.

The SV Regulator 1 appear in white plastic.

The box contains several functions at one time.

The functions are used in the various Solarventi air collector models as needed.

We have selected and programmed SV Regulator 1 components targeted for solar control. This means, among other things, that with the new regulator 1 even less sun is needed before the system starts running. SolarVenti solar air collector will now typically start working already at the slightest hint of sunshine. Also at times when the sun is still hidden behind a thin cloud cover. Reg 1 can set a max. speed of the fan and gives a smooth change in the velocity when the sun radiation changes.

Regulator 1 can be delivered with models SV7, SV14, SV20, SV30.

The SV30 and SV14K, SV20K & SV30K always have Reg1 as obligatory standard.

If you want the new SV Regulator 1 for existing installations, you can buy it at your local dealer.


regulator ny

SolarVenti SControl is a regulator for solar collectors, with multiple possibilities of use and developed specifically for the effective SolarVenti systems.

With the help of two separate inputs for the electrical supply to the regulator, it can be operated either by a solar cell or by a power supply, or both at the same time.

Following the menu you can adapt the control strategy of the different ventilation systems. All the regulations and measurement values ​​can be displayed in the graphic display with backlighting.

The equipment includes, in addition to the numerous programmable functions, also a clock with a battery and a built-in temperature and humidity sensor. This enables many essential functions and measurements without additional equipment. (As for example the measurement of the dew point). Due to the flexibility of the main functions, SControl can be adapted to ventilation systems with all kinds of needs.

As a control tool for SolarVenti systems, the temperature (solar collector and room), humidity (RH), dew point and time functions are used.