Slimline Solar Warm Air collector, ventilation, dehumidification and solar heating
Alu SV7 1 Aluminum frame
Black SV7 1 Black frame
White SV7 1 White frame
Alu SV7 2 Rear
  • For dehumidification covers areas up to 50 m2
  • For heating between 7 & 20 m2
  • 500kWh energy supply per year
  • 170 m3/hour nominal airflow
  • 40 to 100 m3 / hour performance airflow
  • Simple Switch or regulator
  • Wall moutning or roof moutning
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting
  • Dimensions 102 x 70 x 5,5 cm
  • Weight 8 kg.

The size of SolarVenti SV7 makes it easier to find a horizontal or vertical space for its location, it has a Ø125 mm fan.

Its airflow between 40 and 100 m3 / h, heats 110 m3 of air to approximately 20° C above the outside air temperature.

The SV7 is supplied with all accessories for installation on wall.

The SV7 Slimline can be ordered with an electronic Regulator or a simple switch.

  • Switch or Regulator
afbryder600x600regulator sv lang
  1. Thermostat as accessory

  • Air inlet valve for ceiling or wall
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