Slimline Solar Warm Air collector, ventilation, dehumidification & solar heating

Alu-SV14 H

Aluminum frame

Black SV14 1
Black frame
White SV14 1
White frame
Alu SV14 2
  • NEWS now with 18W solar cell
  • For dehumidification covers areas up to 80 m2
  • For heating between 14 & 41 m2
  • 1000kWh energy supply per year
  • 170 m3/hour nominal airflow
  • 60 - 110 m3 / hour performance airflow
  • Simple Switch or regulator
  • Wall moutning or roof moutning
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting
  • Dimensions 201 x 70 x 5,5 cm
  • Weight 14 kg.

SolarVenti SV14 one of the best selling models mainly because of the size. With its 201 cm long and 70 cm wide is still small, it is mounted both horizontally and vertically.

Its airflow between 60 and 110 m3 / h, heats 110 m3 of air to approximately 30° C above the outside air temperature.

The SV14 is supplied with all accessories for installation on wall.

The SV14 Slimline can be ordered with an electronic Regulator or a simple switch.

  • Switch or Regulator
afbryder600x600 regulator sv lang
  • Thermostat alternative to switch
  1. Air inlet nozzle on wall or ceiling
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